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The new PSN Code Generator is here to stay!

Fully Anonymous

That´s right! This PSN code generator won´t expose who you are and the whole process is as anonymous as it gets. This is important to us that the end user would feel comfortable using our code generator and recommend it to his/her closest friends.

No Downloading of Any Software

This tool is online based and uses scripts that are hosted on our own servers and on public secured cloud servers for better response times. You don´t have to download any programs for this to work and all you really need is a good Internet connection and an up-to-date browser.

Quick and Easy

It really is very quick. Although it has a lot of tasks to generate you a free PSN code and access Playstation Store database through their API, it does it all very quickly and silently. Our users have reported average generating times of around 1 minute and lower. You just have to choose your card´s value and hit generate!

About this PSN Code Generator

Have you been looking for free PSN codes? We know it´s a silly question and it has probably been asked on dozens of websites that all promised you free PSN codes. The question is - how many of them worked, if any? There are so many fake tools floating around lately that it´s really hard to make a decision which one to try and what´s not worth the effort. We know 2 more tools that work and are able to generate free PSN codes, but that is it. We know the developers that are behind these tools, but they don´t publicly advertise their PSN code generators and only use those free codes themselves or give them to their closest friends. Once more, we know only 2 others that work, but there are 100´s of websites out there all promising free PSN codes, but the truth is that most of them are fake. There´s no science behind it that many of them are just to fool people and we believe some are even owened by well-known bigger companies to manipulate with people´s minds.

Don´t give up just yet! You have finally found your way to the right website. This is the only website to date that is guaranteed to work and it´s updated and monitored daily. We have a lot of users and visitors, but we haven´t advertised our site anywhere, it has only grown due to word-of-mouth. News only spread this way if it´s worthy and this code generator definitely is.

What can I get with this PSN code generator?

If you´re asking this question, you should leave our site. You should know by now why you´re here and you wouldn´t have found us if you weren´t looking for free PSN codes. Did your friend refer you to this site? We have also started seeing more people coming from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and this only shows that people are sharing our site more and more. They like what they are getting, but what exactly do they like? Doesn´t matter whether you play Playatation 3 or Playstation 4 or something else, but if you would do anything to get something for free from Playstation Store, this is the solution for you. Free $10, $20, $50 and $100 codes generated especially for you and noone else. Does it sound good? Bet it does!

How can I use it?

Simple! Just hit the "GO TO ONLINE GENERATOR!" button above to get to our code generator. You should then see a really easy interface. It looks simple, but the processes it uses to generate you your own free PSN gift card code are quite complicated. Without giving away too much, it accesses Playstation Store database through API and compiles a new MySQL database field to inject your new code. It´s anonymous and carried out over SSL encrypted connection for maximum security. Ok, so just choose the value you need in Playstation Store and hit "Generate". That´s it! You then have to wait around a minute or so and you should see a pop-up window with your freshly generated code. You can recommend our PSN code generator to your closest friends, but please don´t post it publicly to big forums. It´s for your own good that it would last longer.